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Small Business Big Marketing Show #133

Welcome back!

Today I am reviewing The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast, Show #331, with Spell and the Gypsy Collectives Lizzy (Elizabeth) Abegg on how she (and her sis, Isabella Pennefather) built a multi - million dollar Byron Bay fashion empire.

I love this episode! It covers so much ground about this awesome duo and how they have built this amazing empire.  Tim asks some great questions and gives such great insight for any small - medium business owner on all areas of business.  

I loved listening to some childhood history that helped shaped the sisters choice of products and direction of the business as well as the 'early days'.  Spell is a formidable brand and it is encouraging to hear that it wasn't an overnight success. I think one of the toughest things to contend with these days in business is that every 'other' business is an overnight success and there is such pressure to fit this mould.  The Spell story started off small and boutique and has now grown to be a huge International success.

The podcast references that they are doing over a million dollars a month in sales and have nearly 1 million Instagram followers. If you are looking for a solid, insightful and informative podcast definitely listen to this one.

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