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Personalised Sleep Routine Consult

Are you…

  • Struggling to fall asleep and spending hours counting sheep?

  • Waking up all through the night with those 2am thoughts?

  • Waking up without your usual pep in your step?

A dedicated Sleep Routine Consultation might just be the solution to your sleepless nights. I can help you, in fact, I would love to get you looking and feeling like your best, well-rested, inspired self again. 

Sleep well with continuous support, accountability and evidence-backed personalised sleep advice. 

I’m here to help you create your personalised sleep routine (and stick to it), to create lasting, life-changing sleep habits for a long time. Using a wealth of sleep knowledge, my comprehensive consults will provide you with simplistic and practical steps to achieving your best night’s sleep. The only personalised sleep support you will ever need! 

Don’t pay the price for poor sleep. Invest in your rest.
 Deep Sleep Consultation:

 What's included:

  •  15 minute sleep routine consultation valued at $40*

  • Personalised consultation for you

  • Sleep routine curation

  • 30 day sleep routine tracker

  *​Reedeemable on any of The Goodnight Co products after consultation 


 Why would you choose this:
  • Feeling stuck

  • Not getting the sleep you want (having trouble falling asleep, waking up often, not being able to fall back asleep, waking up tired and wired)

  • Wanting to look and feel your best and not knowing where to start

  • Wanting to talk to someone about it

The Goodnight Co WR-18.jpg
Deep Sleep Series:

3 x 30 minute sessions

Investment: $150*

*​$40 Reedeemable on any of The Goodnight Co products after consultation 


  • 1 session per week for 3 weeks for 21 habit-forming days

  • Each session will address the areas that are stopping you from getting good sleep

  • Custom personalised sleep routine curation

  • Sleep routine 30-day tracking tool

  • E-book for better sleep, including recipes, stretches and tips


Why would you choose this:
  • Sleep is creating problems in certain or all aspects of your life

  • You are feeling wired and tired all the time

  • Lack of energy, dip in mood, weight gain

  • You are wanting to talk to someone about prioritising your sleep and have accountability to make changes

Create your routine with Shea today.  Don’t pay the price for poor sleep. Invest in your rest.

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