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Sleep Retreat Facilitation

Looking to host a retreat with something a little extra and unique?


The perfect addition to your retreat is sleep! When curating retreats, we often focus on the first two pillars of health - nutrition and exercise. Sleep is the missing and sometimes overlooked pillar, in a retreat that aims to encompass holistic wellness. We have pioneered a range of sleep retreats for those who are seeking real change and drastic improvement in sleeping patterns. Partnering with exceptional venues including Springfield, The Calile Hotel and Emporium Hotel South Bank, the retreats focus on deep rest and establishing new routines. The retreats are designed to provide attendees with a “toolkit” of solutions they can use for better sleep once they’re back home. 


Why add sleep to your retreat?


Sleep underpins everything in our lives - from our mental health to our physical health and appearance. Sleep is the most powerful elixir of life, and mother nature’s best effort at immortality.


As an accredited Meditation Coach, I can help bring mindfulness and peaceful, restorative sleep to your retreat guests. I’ve successfully curated and facilitated several sleep and beauty retreats throughout my career, and can’t wait to do the same for you!

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