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My Spring Cleaning Routine

My favourite time of year is finally here. Spring is when the weather is warming up, the sun is rising earlier and, generally, we're bit more motivated to be productive in our space.

We have worked and lived in our homes more during this year than ever before - meaning our spaces are in desperate need of some TLC. Not only does spring cleaning refresh and revitalise our home, but it helps clears our mind ahead of the busiest time of year.

Today, I'm sharing my Spring Cleaning Routine to hopefully give you some ideas on how you can approach your Spring Clean this year.

My Spring Cleaning Routine

1. Clear The Mind From Distractions

Spring Cleaning takes focus! I always make sure to dedicate the time to getting the job done. If you go in too distracted, it's almost guaranteed you'll tap out early. So put that phone away, and get down to business.

2. Browse Through Your Belongings

Break it up into the rooms you'd like to focus on. Do you really need that chair that everyone dumps their mess on? This is your moment to be brutal with what you do and don't need.

3. Deep Clean Your Bedroom

I'm talking pillows, sheets and all! Use hot water to soak your pillowcases and let them dry in the sunshine to rid them of bacteria. I also like to invest in silk bedding. It's naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, helping to regulate your body temperature — so you get that perfect good night’s sleep!

4. Go All Natural!

When cleaning my space, I always choose all natural cleaning products. They're much nicer to the environment and also, much better for our health. My go-to brand is Koala Eco, who's products are completely natural, safe and plant-based.

I hope you've found these tips helpful and most importantly, I hope your annual Spring Clean makes you fall in love with your home all over again.


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