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Low Tox Life with Alexx Stuart #121

I obviously love this podcast as it brings together 3 incredible representatives in Australia that are all championing different areas of wellness and sleep. 

If you are time poor this is a great podcast to listen to because it pulls out the highlights of each of their podcast interviews from 2018.

Dr Fiona Kerr is a prominent thought leader in the fields of social cognitive neuroscience and human connectivity.  Doctor Fiona Kerr has a formidable track history and is always fascinating to listen to.  This talk covers off demystifying the complexities of sleep in relation to our brain, delving into what’s hindering our sleep today, the benefits of naps and most importantly our capacity to constantly build new brain cells – via sleep.  As someone who loves a nap it was also a great reminder that we should only nap for 20 minutes or under to provide an energy boost. On the other end of the spectrum if you’ve got a difficult problem to solve and you keep getting stuck, a 90-minute nap will recharge your problem solving skills and relieve the blocks in your thinking.

Dr Ron Ehrlich is one of Australia’s leading health advocates and educators, he has a holistic approach to health and wellness.  Ron is such a wealth of knowledge and covers so many intriguing areas.  I have personally suffered with many dental issues in the past 20 years and I see a holistic dentist and have previously done a full 6-month dental protocol and so I can appreciate a lot of what Ron is talking about.  He covers off open mouth breathers (and literally taping your mouth shut at night time), the respiratory tract, your jaw, your sleep habits, any back or neck pain and the connection to teeth and sleep. He also delves into the fact that while 90% of the population needs between 7 – 9 hours of sleep per night if you are not getting quality sleep then it is not doing you any favours.

Alex Fergus has a passion for improving health and fitness. He is passionate about blue light, bedroom conditions, tech free experiments and establishing routines. Alex has run many different experiments on hacking sleep and shares some of these. The overall key message I took out from the conversation was to be very aware of light in the lead up to bed.  Whilst it may seem extreme that we walk around dimming or turning off lights and reading by candlelight this is truly going to help you have a better sleep.


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