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Kids & Immunity: Supporting Your Little Ones This Flu Season

Thinking about Winter and my kids, a few things come to mind... snotty noses, sleepy heads and lots of complaints.

It can seem like an impossible task protecting your kids from sickness, if they're out of sight at school or kindy for majority of the day. I Aside from making sure there's extra fruit and veggies on their plates, there are a few all natural ways I like to ensure my kids are fighting fit for flu season.

My Immunity Tips For Kids

  • Set and stick to a consistent bedtime for at least 5 days of the week

We all need sleep to ensure our immunity is operating at it's peak ahead of flu season. It can be tough, especially in school holidays, to get your kids to bed in time but I promise if you can stick to at least 5 days consistently, it'll make for a much happier and healthier family all round.

  • Utilise aromatherapy in your routine

One of my biggest tips for protecting against cold + flu is by using an anti bacterial, anti viral essential oil on my kids. Apply to their pulse points and soles of the feet before you send them off to school to protect throughout the day. My favourite is The Goodnight Co. Immunity Essential Oil, which is available as a Roll-On or 10ml bottle.

  • Practice good hand hygiene

It's a no brainer, and since the pandemic it's become second nature to most of us but good hand hygiene will always be paramount. Ensure your child is aware of the importance of hand hygiene so they develop good habits while they're young.

  • Get a boost of sunshine!

Vitamin D has some serious super powers and can really help if your kids are feeling under the weather. Make sure you get them outside for a walk, or play so they can soak up the sun!

  • Add Vitamin C to their plate

As I mentioned before, fruits and veggies are a definite winner when it comes to immunity support. Identify some Vitamin C rich foods that your child enjoys and add them into your menu rotation. Some I like to use are Oranges, Mandarins, Carrots, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin.

If you're looking for extra support, take a look at The Goodnight Co.'s Immunity Range and use my discount code 'IKNOWSHEA' to receive 20% off your order. Good luck!


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