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Low Tox Life with Alexx Stuart Shows #42 and #53

Welcome to my first Podcast Review!

In the first of many, I am reviewing Low Tox Life with Alexx Stuart’s Episodes #42 and #58, as she talks about all things GUT, bacteria, parasites and the connection with gut.

Having a basic understanding of the gut and what a powerhouse it is for our entire body I found these podcast episodes fascinating. These were some of the first podcast episodes I listened to of Alexx's and I very quickly became hooked. She is doing such a wonderful job in her space and her knowledge and the way she delivers everything she knows is so refreshing. She is very passionate and clear and does an excellent job interviewing a great range of guests.

Kirsty from Kultured Wellness joined Alexx in Show #42 to break down a couple of hot topics like the overuse of Panadol and how it kills off good e-coli, ultimately destroying your gut health. She followed this on by talking about chlorine and the negative impacts for gut bacteria, looking at the best types of water filters, and last but DEFINITELY not least, stress and its impact on the GUT.

Kirsty has so much information to share on the GUT and what we need to know about it, I found it particularly interesting as I have 2 young children and she talks a lot about the health issues she had with her son, the importance of listening to the signs and getting tested. Knowledge gives you power!

Show #58 focuses on brain plasticity and parasites, starting with a morning ritual which includes gargling to stimulate the nervous system and the brain. Tuning into our bodies to determine what we need for nourishment, lots of vegetables, good quality fats, turmeric and bone broth, herbs, of course intermittent fasting. Some symptoms of parasites: hives, rashes, acne, brain fog, heart problems and how we can be tested, there are cleanses that work well. Tune into Low Tox Life to listen to those 2 excellent podcasts and check out Kirsty @ Kultured Wellness. Follow my Instagram at @sheamorrison_, so you can see what I am getting up to in this new space, and so your notified as soon as I post a new review!


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