Hi, I’m Shea. I’ve worked in heath & wellness for a while now.
After a career in Media, Radio & Marketing, my focus changed when I became a Mum.
I realised how passionate I am about meaningful rest & connection.

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Kids are fantastic at highlighting what we need to know more on. After Molly & Max, I realised how important it was to make time to focus on meaningful rest and allowing them the space and sleep they need to grow.

Fast forward five years, millions of research papers & thousands of podcasts, my passion now lies in sharing how better sleep can help everyone improve their day-to-day lives.

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My Work

I tend to flow in several directions.
Three of the things I love most are being a Mum, exploring the magic of the sleep and working with other women. When I’m not home, you’ll find me working on:

The Goodnight Co.
Working alongside Co-Founder Danielle, TGC has created a meaningful platform to help people fall back in love with sleep and prioritise meaningful rest.

Collaborative Marketing & CollabBoards
With Co-Founder Alana, CM is a boutique advertising agency in Brisbane, offering bespoke solutions to marketing needs.

I also dabble in: Civil Marriage Celebrant, Podcast Listening, Spiritual Health, Lunar Cycles, & more…



I’m always curious, especially when it comes to being a Mum & getting more meaningful rest. If you’re a keen learner like me, I’ve summarised some of my favourite podcasts here.