I love reading about and testing out rituals. I have noticed some serious perks as a result: reduced stress and anxiety, more energy and increased creative flow (just to name a few). I consider these to be healthy habits that can offer new structure and set the right tone for the day. Evening rituals are a great way to release the day, while a morning routine can forge a more grounded and present start.

What works for me?

Balancing busy home life with 3 businesses is definitely overwhelming at times.  Running on not enough sleep feels distracting and exhausting, however things flow more smoothly when I honour the below daily ritual practices:

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Structured sleep

Make an appointment with yourself.

Though I have always needed plenty of sleep to function, a simple and effective routine became truly crucial post babies. I’ll aim for 7-8 hours per night with as few exceptions as I can manage. When weekend catch ups occasionally become necessary, I’ll also schedule naps… they’re not for everyone, but they sure work for me.

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My Morning ritual

I have found that the key to good sleep starts in the morning.

1. Consistent wake up time (and bed time at night) helps regulate our body clock

2. First thing in the morning is to draw the blinds and get a hit of sunshine to help set the circadian rhythm

3. Exercise: moving the body is a great way to start the day, I love alternating with walks and yoga

4. Warm water with lemon juice helps the digestive system (check out this blog at the Goodnight Co on gut health and sleep)

5. Meditate I have been meditating for years and recently learnt Vedic meditation the the Broad place and love my 20 minute morning practise

6. Journaling. Depending on my day I like to journal either in the morning or at night.

7. Cold shower

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My Evening ritual

The wind down…our bodies like to receive signals to help prepare for bed and some of these for me include:

1. Dimming the lights. Using softer lighting like candles after dinner sends an immediate message to the brain about preparing for bed.

2. I love a bath with a magnesium soak. I don’t get to do this every night and when I don’t like to have a warm shower to wash away the day and slip into ‘home life’

3. Sipping on The Goodnight Co tea, it has been formulated by a medical herbalist with the best herbs to ensure a goodnight sleep.

4. Reading a real book, I recently invited some of my oldest friends to form our own book club, it is so good reading REAL books

5. A few drops of The Goodnight Co Deep Sleep tincture.

6. Journaling. If I don’t have time in the morning I like to do at least a page before bed.